From increasing security and privacy to adding to the aesthetics of a property, fencing, in all its various heights, styles and colours is an important feature of any home.

Whether you’re looking to keep away prying eyes or make your property more secure, here at A1 Resin & Landscapes, we have the expertise to assist you. Fencing is a practical option that is most affordable with options to suit any requirement or budget.

Of course, deciding on a new fence and installing it are two different things entirely. While it might look easy, it is far from it and unless your fencing is installed correctly it’ll likely end up falling over when first bit of bad weather hits. By choosing the fencing experts at A1 Resin & Landscapes, you’ll be investing in a trusted service that will provide you with a fence that is reliable and looks amazing.

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    How Can Our Team Be Of Assistance?

    When it comes to fencing, we recognise that security and privacy are the most important considerations above all else. Your fence serves as the perimeter of your property, marking the boundaries where your property ends and the next one begins. You don’t just want anyone strolling through your garden without permission. What’s more is that if your backdoor has been left open on a hot day said people could simply walk into your home.

    As such, the team at A1 Resin & Landscapes will make privacy and security our primary concerns. This doesn’t mean that we will sacrifice the aesthetics of your fencing. Instead, we will work to find a balance between the three areas to provide you with a well-rounded option that suits your requirements perfectly.

    Our team will take precise measurements ensuring that the fence encompasses all of the designated areas of your property. We’ll advise you on the correct height and will provide you with helpful advice and suggestions on panel styles, posts and fixing materials which we feel will complement your outdoor space. If you require a gate to be fitted, we’ll be happy to discuss this with you at length as this is a service that we can provide.

    You’ll be quoted for the cost of your new fence as well as the work required to install it. All fees are listed upfront with no hidden charges to worry about. Your fence will be installed by our fully certified professionals using high-quality materials. Once installed, we’ll test the fence to make certain that it will stand up to even the harshest weather conditions. If any issues should arise, simply give us a call and we’ll make addressing these issues our top priority.

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