Landscape Design Service

Are you looking to craft the garden of your dreams? Do you have an image in your mind of gorgeous hard landscaped features accentuated by thoughtfully positioned flower beds surrounding a well-manicured lawn?

If so, one call to A1 Resin & Landscapes is all it takes to arrange a service that will add a whole new dimension to your outdoor space.

We offer both soft landscaping and hard landscaping services are guaranteed to help you get the most out of your garden. You can find more information listed below.

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    Hard Landscaping

    Nothing looks more majestic than an exquisitely designed patio connected by a winding path that sneaks across your lawn intertwining with flower beds and wonderful timber features. Add in a few water features and some timber decking and you’ve got yourself your own little sanctuary to escape to from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

    Hard landscaping is all about combining physical structures to create an effect that is both practical and visually stunning. Our team are particularly skilled in this area and can design a range of features using high-quality materials and tried and tested methods.

    Soft Landscaping

    Whether you desire a lush, green lawn, a multi-tiered arrangement of flower beds, an assortment of shrubs and bushes or a few carefully positioned trees; we can work wonders for your garden. From creating areas of colour and natural shade to providing a safe haven for birds, insects and other wildlife, our team can turn your garden into a sanctuary bursting with life.

    When combined with hard landscaped features, you’ll be left with a garden with features that combine effortlessly. Our designs reflect the style and personality of our clients ending with a garden that is as unique as you are.

    How Can We Help?

    Whether you’re planning a complete overhaul of your garden or looking to make a few minor alterations, give us a call to discuss your requirements in person. We will arrange a time to visit your home that is convenient for you to provide you with a complete design service. You’ll receive advice and recommendations on the best combination of features to choose. Once the design is finalised, we’ll supply you with a full written quotation with no obligation to commit.

    If you would like to learn more about our landscape design service, make sure you give A1 Resin & Landscapes a call today on